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Certified Solar Inc.

Certified Solar Inc.
2750 Deziel Drive
Windsor, ON N8W 5H8

Phone: 866-551-9556
Fax: 519-988-1682
Our projects will prevent up to 10 million tons of CO2 from reaching our skies annually through the elimination of the need for brown power. Through both the FIT and microFIT programs, we utilize rooftop space in order to design, build, operate and maintain grid-connected solar electricity generation facilities throughout the Province.

Certified Solar expects to invest up to $200 million to develop solar farms, and solar roof top projects over the next two years. With an installed capacity in excess of 100MW of photovoltaic power on the rooftops of approximately 120 buildings, and 10,000 homes in Ontario, Certified Solar is an Ontario firm dedicated to providing reliable, efficient and environmentally clean energy. We are taking an active role in developing some of the largest distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) projects in Ontario.